3D Body Scan – Safe, Effective, Revealing

3D FULL BODY SCANS – NOW AVAILABLE ! – We are very Pleased to offer this Non Toxic and Non Invasive and Truly Invaluable Service to our Customers on a Regular Basis every Wednesday from 11:00am to 5:00pm with NASA Scientist and Doctor of Natural Medicine Dr. Luba Diangar.  We have a Very Limited Number of Appointments available each week so please call 714-891-5117 for more Details or to Book a Session as soon as possible to avoid missing out ! Normal cost in Medical Centers is $500.00 or more, Special Living Temple Discount Price $250.00 ! 

NASA Scientist & Doctor of Natural Medicine, Anti-Aging Doctor, Luba Diangar, provides non-toxic, non-invasive, complete 3D Body Scans which can show detailed assessments of the Cardiovascular System, Digestive System, Brain Function, Mineral Levels, plus an Extensive Array of other Parameters.

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  • 3D Full Body Assessment
  • Customized Weight Loss Program
  • Genetic Testing and Metabolic Assessment
  • Screening for Causes of ADHD and finding right solutions


What is the 3D Full Body Assessment System?

It is the most sophisticated medical diagnostic system available today. It looks deep into your body functional parameters, finds the root causes of your health problems and uncovers silent processes in your body.

It is absolutely non-invasive and doesn’t use Radiation or Ultrasound. You don’t need to wait days or months for your results. Results are available immediately. Based on your Assessment we will recommend you the easiest and the most effective natural solution for your problem. You will get immediate answer to your health problems and immediate solutions, whether it concerns your heart and cardiovascular system, thyroid function, digestive system, immune system or weight problem. Now you will have a clear map to your Health and only YOU will be in control of your Health, nobody else.

What 3D Full Body Assessment System does?

  • It generates 3D dynamic Body Models and Graphs to monitor your Health
  • Gives Visual representations of major organs and systems in 3D Graphics
  • Calculates accurate acid-base status (pH) of the patient’s body
  • Displays Visualization of Your Pain
  • Screens for Type II Diabetes, Renal Disorders, Prostate Disorder, Thyroid and more
  • Measures and calculates many cardiovascular parameters (such as elasticity and stiffness of the blood vessels, heart left ventricle function, oxygen content, ejection fraction, tissue ischemia, arrhythmia, cholesterol and triglycerides levels)
  • Accurately estimates brain neurotransmitters status
  • Screens for stress factors related to erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Studies treatment effectiveness and possible side effects

Doctors Testimonials:

“It is the most accurate physiological based equipment I have ever used in my practice…”
– Dr.Merritt, MD

“Its Innovative device, with non-invasive way, gives so many ideas about the condition of subject, with very less time consuming, which helps doctor to give proper supplementary investigations , very helpful.”
– Dr. Giri. MD 

“This is a powerful new tool for the creative and serious clinician, facilitating real time therapeutic adjustments. Patients are impressed. I’m impressed.”
– Dr.William Pawluk M.D.

“This is the technology of the 22nd Century…”
– Dr.Montgomery, MD

Patients Testimonials:

“With 2Steps2Health I did simple genetic test. My test results told me that my body doesn’t “see” vit.B12. Therefore I was always low in vit.B12, no matter what I’ve done.  I got a custom made inexpensive supplement and I feel a lot better. My vit.B12 level is normal now.”
– Peter McCormick, 2009. New Jersey

“This is the best diagnostic technology I ever seen. I have learned what the causes of my depression are.”
– Ivanna Gorelik, 2010. NY, NY

“It’s incredible technology! I got my complete Health Assessment Report in less than 40 minutes. I finally found out what made me gain weight.  It wasn’t what I thought!  Now 4 months later, I am 30 lbs lighter and happier.”
– Sandra Williams, 2007. Houston, Texas

“We finally know what cased ADHD in my 11 yo son. The test was simple and solution was simple. My son improved his grades in one month. It is unbelievable!”
– TracyHarris. 2010. New Orleans, LA

“This company uses very advanced medical technology that gives a lot of answers to patients.  You can actually see your pain on the screen!  It blew me away!  …”
– Tatiana Smith,  2007. Kingwood, Texas

“Now I can monitor my health!  I lost 26 lbs just by changing one thing in my diet… It was very easy.”
– Alex Ivanov, 2011. New York, NY

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