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How is thermography different than mammography?

Thermography does not see cancer.  It’s too late by the time it can be “seen.” Cancer spends the huge majority of its life as a microscopic organism.  The chart, below, illustrates the growth of a cancer from initial damaged cell to detectable tumor.  Thermography has the unique ability to safely and reliably capture the metabolic energy created by the processes supporting the growing colony for all those years.

Active Cancer Cells Can Double in Number Approximately Every 90 Days

90 days 2 cells
1 year 16 cells
2 years 256 cells
3 years 4,896 cells
4 years 65,536 cells
5 years 1,048,576 cells (still undetectable by mammogram)
6 years 16,777,216 cells (still undetectable)
7 years 268,435,456 cells (still undetectable)
8 years 4,294,967,296 cells Earliest detectable by mammogram (doubled 32 times) *

The true purpose of thermography

Thermography does not want to replace mammography’s troublesome strategy of wait-and-see detection.  Medical thermography offers a completely different reality.  It is the most advanced tool we have available today to warn us that a suspicious process is developing.

Thermography does not prevent breast cancer by itself.  A woman and her healthcare provider must be proactive when there is a suspicious indication.  Thermography then offers both of them the preferred advantage of monitoring her progress.  This is a powerful step toward changing the future of breast disease, and we can start today.

This is early detection?  Not quite!

Thermography does not and should not be utilized to diagnose cancer.  That’s not thermography’s best purpose.  We believe and support that breast imaging analysis should function as a test of physiology, based on measurable and visual asymmetry, distribution and intensity of thermographically detectable metabolic changes.  Prevention is the key.

The question a thermologist must ultimately answer for the patient and the referring physician is: “Are there any detectable suspicious patterns that would require any further clinical investigation and/or proactive action?”

The 3-month follow-up and comparative analysis should additionally answer the question: “Are there any visual and measurable changes in asymmetry, distribution and intensity compared to the previous study?”

The Thermal Screening strategy is to establish a reliable, stable baseline and then continue to monitor.

The Importance of Analysis by a Trained and Licensed Thermologist

Cancer does not co-operate by being predictable!  Cancer is known to adapt according to its need to survive.  Objectivity is not a constant in analysis of cancer, which can be different for each patient.  That is why we believe that a trained and experienced thermologist is far more valuable than any attempted computerized evaluation that would rely strictly on objective information (which may not be objective at all).

*Note: Usually detected by mammogram at approximately 10 years and 40 doublings (considered lethal!)
Source: Buchanan, JB, et al. Tumor growth, doubling times, and the inability of the radiologist to diagnose certain cancers.                  Radio1 N AM 1983; 21:115-26

“Thermography can be a useful adjunctive test in detecting breast cancer with a 97% sensitivity
in a prospective clinical trial of 92 patients” – American Journal of Surgery Vol. 196, No 4, Oct 2008


High-Definition Thermal Images should be analyzed by a Professional Thermology Reading Service, providing:

  • Board Certified Thermologist MD’s
  • Comprehensive Interpretive Reports
  • Full set of Thermal Images
  • 5 to 7 day turn-around
  • 2-day available with a ‘rush’ fee

Thermography is pointing all of us in a new direction

A woman is 10X more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than she is from breast disease, with a far higher mortality rate.  What are we doing now to prevent CV disease for men or women?

Additional Uses for Thermography

  • Cardio-Vascular monitoring
  • Pain Management
  • General Health Screening and Monitoring

Women’s and Men’s Health Screenings can cover:

  • The Head and Neck views, to study: the sinus, thyroid and carotid arteries for inflammation (the earliest possible sign of coronary artery disease)
  • The standard Breast study
  • Chest and Upper Back
  • “Plus” level includes the Abdomen & Lower Back

While the skin provides clues to diagnose systemic diseases, it is also a window that allows us to monitor the vascular signs of early changes in the breast.

Thermography expands the diagnostic ability of our eyes, and. . .adds a new dimension to patient care with attention to
preventative screening plus a proactive strategy for quality of life and. . .peace of mind.

Thermal Imaging is completely SAFE, PAIN-FREE, PRIVATE and the MOST ADVANCED IMAGING TOOL AVAILABLE TODAY! Give yourself the gift of the earliest possible detection, PROVIDING the earliest possible intervention!

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