SPECIAL AUGUST EVENTS – We have now changed the Monthly Essential Oils classes to a new format which we hope you will enjoy and look forward to seeing you at some of the New Classes and please bring Guests as well. Instead of two of each of the classes on Health and Wellness and Stress and Emotions we now have just one of each plus 2 totally new classes where we will be sharing and talking about different oils and information on health in general.

Wednesday 9th August 6:45-8:30pm – Using Essential Oils for Natural Health and Wellness

Thursday 17th August 6:45-8:30pm – Using Essential Oils for Addictions, and the Digestion / Emotion Connection

Sunday 20th August 5:45-7:30pm – Using Essential Oils for Stress and Balancing Emotions

Wednesday 23rd August 6:45-8:30pm – Using Essential Oils for Love, Romance and Sensuality

Please come and join us for these special events with the Owner and Founder of The Living Temple Robin Jones as he shares his Experience of over 20 Years of Health Research and for more details on the Classes please go to www.TheLivingTemple.com and click on the News and Events button for the last email newsletter. These special events are Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.

THURSDAY 3RD AUGUST 6:45 – 8:30PM ~ SPECIAL FILM SCREENING ~ Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils !

Please join us for this Special Film Screening and for more details on the film please go to www.essentialoilsmovie.com

Inspired by the Growing Popularity of essential oils, Ancient Secrets Of Essential Oils is an immersing, cinematic experience that delves into the Mysterious World of essential oils. The film explores the Fascinating History of essential oils from Biblical times into the 21st Century and examines how uses of essential oils have developed over the centuries and the Medical Research that has inspired Millions of people around the world to use them. This Powerful film does not Promote any one Brand of Essential Oils or Company but just shares Amazing information on the uses of Essential Oils in different Cultures for Thousands of Years and the Many Exciting Possibilities for use in our Modern Times. We will also be Sharing various Essential Oils during the Screening of the Film.

This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.


GREAT AUGUST PROMO – This is a really Great Promotion if you have been thinking about Sharing the amazing doTERRA
Products and Essential Oils as it is a great Incentive for people to get a Membership. Each new Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer that signs up between August 1st – 31st with at least a $100PV order and then places another $100PV Loyalty Rewards Order in September will receive a FREE Lifelong Vitality Pack worth $106 and they can also Upgrade it to the Vegan Lifelong Vitality Pack for an Extra $13. Please share this Special Promo and Invite people to our August Essential Oils classes to learn more !

SEPTEMBER DOTERRA CONVENTION ! – This is a Truly Life Changing Experience and doTERRA has just released some extra Tickets so if you are available from September 6th – 9th 2017 please take Advantage of this Opportunity as soon as possible as these tickets will definitely Sell Out Fast !

Getting ready to go back to school is an exciting time. This year, we want to make sure that you have all the tools you need to ensure your children have a successful school year. Join Dr. Jessica Herzog, Jen Frey, Jeanette Fransen, and Dawna Toews, as they share how doTERRA can help your kids mentally, physically, and emotionally as they head Back to School! Sign up for the Back to School webinar at the time that fits your schedule best on Wednesday, August 16th or Thursday, August 17th.


Just wanted to share a couple of Links to some Great Articles recently posted on the Benefits of Essential Oils, Hope you Enjoy !



NEW BUSINESS HOTLINE – This is A Great New Addition to Help anyone interested in doing doTERRA as a Business to have their Questions answered regarding aspects of the Compensation Plan, Signing People up etc and is good for all members from the level of Manager to Premier. The number you can now call is 801-370-2140 so please make the most of this great New Service !

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