wish you all the best during these challenging times and here is our current update on how all the latest rules and issues are affecting The Living Temple store and business in general.

As California is still open for events we are planning some Exciting Speakers and other events for February 2022 with a Focus on Health, Nutrition and the Immune System as well as some other Interesting Topics so please check your email and our website for all the latest updates and we look forward to seeing you all back at upcoming Live Events !

The store is still open our Normal Hours of 11:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Saturday and from 12:00-6:00pm on Sunday. We are working on getting more consumable products in, particularly ones that can support and boost the Immune System as well as help with Detoxifying the Body and will be announcing New Arrivals in our weekly email newsletter.

WEDNESDAY 9TH FEBRUARY 2022 8:30am – 1:00pm ~ Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren ~HOLISTIC SKIN CLINIC: Tags, Moles, Blemishes and Lesions Removal

Please come and join us with World Renowned Health Researcher Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren and for more details on the Skin Clinic and to book an Appointment please go to www.doctorTevents.com

If you or anyone you know has any Skin Growths, Tags, Moles, Blemishes, Lesions etc that you are Concerned or Curios about and would like to get them Checked out and possibly Worked on with a Completely Non Toxic and Non Invasive Analysis and Treatment we would highly recommend booking a session. For this Special Clinic you will be checking in here at The Living Temple in unit #8 at the Old World Village in Huntington Beach and Dr. T will be Treating Patients in the great Private Room setting, including a Professional Treatment Table in the Buty Skinbar salon in the Old World Village at unit #31. If you have any questions please call Robin Jones at The Living Temple at 714-891-5117. Appointments are Filling Up Fast so Please book yours soon to avoid Missing Out ! 

Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren

Disclaimer ! – All Events Hosted at The Living Temple are Private ( Not Open to the General Public ) and by Invitation Only from either The Living Temple private email list or by Personal Invitation from the Presenters.

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In Stock – Currently we still have a great selection of the powerful doTERRA Essential Oils including more On Guard immune boosting products, Black Sulfur rich Himalayan Salt from Dr.Tsuper juicy Organic Sundried Apricots and Figs from Sunny Fruit, Peppermint Crystals, Raw Hibiscus Concentrate and Power Shots from Agro Industries Rosas, Activated Popcorn from Living Intentions in Tandoori Turmeric and Salsa Verde flavors, Heirloom Cacao from Pacari including Rose Chocolate, chocolate covered Goldenberries and 100% cacaoin Bars, Vitamin Sea Wild Atlantic Dulse in Whole Leaf and Flakes and Irish Moss, pure Coconut Water from Taste Nirvana, Raw Fermented Black Garlic and Gourmet Nutritional Yeast high in B Vitamins and Amino Acids and special Libre Glass Drinking Bottles.


New Products – We just got New Deliveries of, Tonya Zavasta Hair and Body care products, special Scaler Silver Water and New Scaler Gold Water,Palo Santo Essential Oil, Incense Sticks and Spritzers, more sweet and savory snacks from Gopals Rawfoods, Wildcrafted White Sage Products, exotic Blue Lotus Essential Oils, 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and Essential Oil Brushing Rinses from Essential Oxygen, Exciting New Products from Cymbiotika including a special Longevity Mushroom supplement, topical and ingestible Magnesium products, Activated Charcoal Detox product, and a vegan D3/K2/ CoQ10 blend. We have also just added more items to the special Crystal Corner in the store in Partnership with new company Chakras and Dreamsand have an exciting selection of Crystals and Gift Items available here in the store !


Coming Soon –Next week we are hoping to have more, pure Bulgarian Rose Sprays and drinkable Rose Water, Powerful supplements from Dr. Ed Group from Global Healing including plant based Zinc, Selenium, vegan D3B12, Moringa Extract, Vitamin CNascent Iodine and Plant Based Immune Boost Formula, Enzymes and Probiotics from Allegany Nutrition, Red Pine Needle Oil from LivePine, organic Jojoba Oil, Orgono Living Silicasupplements, Plant based Omega 3 Supplements from Synerchii, some exciting new Booksand DVD’s on Natural Health and Nutrition and more coming soon !

New Spring Aqua Water System ! We have the Brand New latest Spring Aqua Water System installed here at The Living Temple. On your next visit to the store please make sure to try a Free Sample and if you want to fill a bottle to take home it is just $3 a gallon. If you would like more details on what makes this system so unique and more beneficial to your health please go to www.SpringAqua.com  

We hope you will continue to come and support The Living Temple during these uncertain times as we do our best to keep our Top Selling Products in stock as well as bringing in New Products to help you stay Healthy with all of the issues we are now dealing with.  May you all stay Safe and Healthy and we look forward to seeing you when you can make it to the store again !