The Lifestream Generator is a combined technological achievement based on research from Nikola Tesla, George Lakhovsky and George W. Van Tassel. There is a combination of over 100 years of research to bring this technology to mankind. The Lifestream Generator uses Radiant Energy Waves to send a Unified Field of Energy through the body and in the process can Help with Releasing Pain from Trauma, Nerves, Fractures and Arthritis, help Relieve Stress, achieve Deeper Sleep and Rejuvenate Cells. The free session is about 15 minutes and Leah is also offering a full session for just $40, normally $70 ! Please wear loose fitting clothes and be Well Hydrated for the sessions.

Most weeks we have a Limited Number of Free Introductory Sessions with this amazing Technology with Certified Practitioner Leah Rietz and for more details you can go to and to RSVP please call Robin at 714-891-5117.